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Dear Friends I am writing to you today with a plea for your attention to an individual embodying the essence of leadership, integrity, and commitment to our shared values. As someone who has known Larry Thompson for over four decades, I can attest to his remarkable character, unwavering dedication to his community, and a tested ability to lead with wisdom and compassion. In this crucial moment in our nation's history, we are given a rare opportunity to elect a true champion for our beliefs and principles. Larry Thompson's candidacy for Congress represents a chance for positive change and a beacon of hope for a brighter future for all Americans. One of the many qualities distinguishing Larry is his steadfast support of Israel. His unwavering commitment to fostering and strengthening the bond between our two nations is not just a political stance but a deeply held conviction rooted in his profound understanding of the importance of maintaining solid alliances in an ever-changing world. Larry's dedication to Israel's security and prosperity is commendable and essential in ensuring peace and stability in the Middle East and beyond. Moreover, Larry's exceptional leadership abilities and business acumen make him uniquely qualified to represent the interests of our district in Congress. His decades of experience as a business leader have equipped him with the skills necessary to tackle complex issues, navigate challenging situations, and find innovative solutions to the pressing problems facing our community and our country. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Larry is a man of integrity, kindness, and compassion. He deeply cares about the well-being of his fellow citizens and is committed to serving the needs of all members of our community, regardless of background or circumstance. In Larry Thompson, we have found a capable leader who values shaping a better future for generations to come. I urge you to join me in supporting Larry Thompson for Congress. Together, let us seize this opportunity to elect a leader who will fight tirelessly for our shared values, advocate for the interests of our community, and work tirelessly to build a brighter, more prosperous future for all Americans. Look around. Isn't it obvious? It is long past time for a change. Sincerely, Michael Levine — Michael Levine
Owner/President - Boundless Media USA

Dear Larry Thompson, the Next Congressman for the United States of America CA 32 District:   Never in my 40 year career of public relations, political consultancy, military communications, USAF special ops, Press Secretary to Gregory Simmons, Founder of, former White House Press Office Aide to Marlin Fitzwater (90-91-92), have I been more impressed with a political candidate's platform/manifesto. In your "Voting In The Age Of Chaos," your analogies to Virgil, Dante, Ayn Rand and other great writers and orators are genius. Truly great reading, and it disrupted my plans for the evening. My pleasure. My vote for you was quite fulfilling. I’m endorsing you at all levels to my friends, clients, family, and political voting citizens in California. Congratulations. Edward Lozzi Wiki / Edward Lozzi — Ed Lozzi
Owner/President - Edward Lozzi & Associates

I have known, respected and admired Larry for 40 years. I have always found him of the utmost integrity and a person I am proud to call a friend. He will represent his constituency with vigor. — Max Keller

Larry Thompson has the right ideas, background and energy to do a great job in Congress. I support his efforts to bring sanity and wisdom to government. Thomas Cole Candidate for Congress CA CD24 Santa Barbara, Ventura, SLO — Thomas Cole
Candidate CA CD24th

I have known Larry Thompson for more than 35 years. I also know and respect all the members of his family. I have studied Larry’s vision for the people of Southern California and I believe he’s the one for our collective future. I hope you will join me in getting Larry elected to Congress. Warm Regards, Steve Chamberlain — Steve Chamberlain

Inspiring! — Violet N. Cerexian

Larry is one of the smartest fairest business execs I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He would make an amazing congressman — Phillip Goldfine
Film TV and Broadway Producer
Craig Huey
Karena Mediate
Mary Sheibani
Satoshi Nakamoto
Dennis Stankie
Kamran ghassemieh
Katie Pope
Matthew Smith

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